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Flower Powder™
Flower Powder™
Flower Powder™
Flower Powder™
Flower Powder™

Flower Powder™


Flower Powder™ is what we call our powdered and preserved USDA Organic hemp flowers.  This product is 100% whole plant hemp flower.  We keep the whole plant intact so you can enjoy the superfood nutrition, raw acidic cannabinoids, terpenes, anti-oxidants, and more.  

Raw Acidic Cannabinoids (CBDa, THCa, CBGa) can be absorbed by the body at a rate of greater than 90%, compare that to about a 6% absorption rate for decarboxylated cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG).

Easiest way to incorporate whole plant hemp and raw acidic cannabinoids into your diet.

Mix into any food or drink to instantly infuse, or use as an alternative to CBD isolates and oils to create your own CBD products and dishes.

Made from East Fork Cultivars USDA Organic Craft Hemp Flowers.

Ingredients: hemp flowers

Dosing: 60mg Flower Powder™ = 10mg CBDA

26% Complete Protein 
50% Fiber 
Good Source of: 
Vitamin A 
Acidic Cannabinoids

Instructions: Use 1/8th teaspoon in water, coffee, tea, or foods for a daily serving of raw acidic cannabinoids. Do not burn. 

Packaged in small glass jar. Keep in cool, dark, and dry place for best preservation results.