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raw hemp is a superfood with nutrition and raw cannabinoids not found in any CBD extract or isolate products. whole plant > extracts

superfood nutrition

hemp has so much more for us than just CBD! raw hemp is a complete source of plant protein loaded with vitamins, minerals, & healthy fats

super bioavailable

bioavailability = absorbability. naturally water soluble cannabinoids from raw hemp means 10x+ better absoprtion compared to CBD oils

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made with purpose

all to help our dog

learn more about how a cancer diagnosis led to the devleopment of our first products

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Flower Powder

Culinary hemp

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inflammation, stress, focus, energy, sleep, pet wellness

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because no one wants to take a tincture

no one likes drinking filler oils with empty calories and horrible absorption rates. but everyone loves pizza. enter our pizza seasoning made with organic herbs and spices mixed with raw hemp flowers.

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