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All of our products feature raw, organic whole plant hemp flowers.  We keep everything raw because raw acidic cannabinoids are far more bioavailable than heated cannabinoids. We use the whole plant because hemp is a superfood.  We do things a little differently and that's because our story started with trying to help ourselves and save our dog.  Learn more about our story and what sets us apart from the rest of the industry here.

The Best CBD Products are made with Flower Powder

With far superior absorption rates, superfood nutrition, antioxidants, and the ability to work on multiple systems in the body, Flower Powder™ makes for most complete hemp CBD products available.  Learn more about how we do things differently and why here.  We offer Flower Powder in retail sizes as well as bulk sizes to make your own industry leading CBD products.

Meet Flower Powder™

Better Seasoning

Organic seasoning blends with 2000mg of Hemp Flower Powder™

Better Seasoning: Garlic & Herb
Better Seasoning: Garlic & Herb

Better Seasoning: Garlic & Herb


Better Seasoning: Italian
Better Seasoning: Italian

Better Seasoning: Italian


Better Seasoning: BBQ
Better Seasoning: BBQ

Better Seasoning: BBQ


Better Seasoning: Garlic Pepper
Better Seasoning: Garlic Pepper

Better Seasoning: Garlic Pepper


Better Seasoning: Creole
Better Seasoning: Creole

Better Seasoning: Creole


Choose your desired outcome

Better Energy+

Designed for physical energy without a crash.  Great as a preworkout.

Get Energized

Better Brain+

Designed for mental energy, focus, and flow. Great for work or school.

Get Focused

Better Relief+ All Natural Anti Inflammatory Featuring Whole Plant Hemp Flowers, Turmeric, Ginger, and Piperine.  Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free.

Better Relief+

Designed for pain relief & recovery. Great post as a workout.

Feel Better

Better Mood+

Designed stress management without the side effects. 

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Better Sleep+

Designed as a plant based sleep aid without the side effects.

Find Out What Great Sleep Is

Better Pet Relief+

Designed to manage pain while supporting overall health.

Stay Healthy, Stay Playful

Mare's Plan

We developed Better Pet Relief+ after Mary was given 3 months to live from a Lymphoma diagnosis.  With our supplements and some lifestyle changes, we we able to give her an extra 33 months with a better quality of life than she had before then diagnosis!  She was still chasing geese up until her finals days at nearly 15 years old.  Learn more about Mary and our story here.

Mary's Incredible Journey

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July 25, 2015

Eva Opens for Business

With a desire to raise the bar of the cannabis industry, Eva opens as the first 100% comprehensively lab tested dispensary in the state of California

July 2016

Eva Hemp Juice Debuts

After studying Dr. William Courtney's work we began juicing cannabis leaves to help with Nicole's Ulcerative Colitis.  This recipe of cannabis leaves, turmeric, and ginger would go on to become Better Relief/Better Pet Relief

October 2016

Mary's Diagnosis

Mary is diagnosed with Lymphoma and given 3 months to live if she does chemotherapy.  We decline and decide to put our money where our mouth is and try to save Mary's life in an alternative fashion.

October 2016

Better Pet Relief is born

Using everything we'd learned we decided on giving Mary the pulp from Nicole's juice - we noticed immediate positive results.  We quickly learn how difficult it is to constantly produce pesticide free organic cannabis leaves despite having our own garden for the delivery and dedicated juice plants.  We learn how to preserve the flower and prepare it into a flower to mix into a capsule with powdered turmeric and ginger.  We added black pepper to increase the bioavailability of it all and Better Pet Relief was born (which also meant Better Relief was born)

January 2017

3 Months have passed, Mary has not

Mary has been on a regimen of Better Pet Relief daily for 3 months and is doing much better.  As we learn more, lifestyle changes occur like seeking higher quality water and food as well as being mindful of how to better avoid carcinogens 

January 2017

Better Supplements Lineup

After the early successes with Mary and others who took our juice we decided to create other formulas to address more problems.  We saw that everyone was saying take THC or CBD for everything in an oil form.  We knew how inefficient the oil delivery method was and selling these two compounds for everything seemed like snake oil to us and we knew there were therapeutic  properties there.  With this in mind we created supplements with blends using ingredients proven to achieve the desired outcome of the formula with the added bonus of containing whole plant cannabis flower - providing nonpscyhoactive raw acidic cannabinoids and superfood nutrition to also support the desired outcome

July 2017

Cancer Free

After our vet who diagnosed Mary refused to see us again we found a new vet who ran some tests and determined Mary's cancer had gone into remission.  We continued to give her Better Pet Relief daily to keep it in remission as well as manage her arthritis and autoimmune disorder

October 2017

Santa Rosa Burns Down

Wildfires destroy large portions of Santa Rosa and we end up losing our home and business as well as our plans to join the pending legal cannabis market created by prop 64.  With no affordable housing anywhere in northern california we headed south to Orange County to reset and rebuild. We decided to redo our products with hemp instead of cannabis to stay in business and keep moving forward 

January 2018

USDA Organic Craft Hemp

We finally find a source for flower that is up to our standards.  We switch ingredients from Cannabis Flowers to USDA Organic Craft Hemp Flowers from East Fork Cultivars in Oregon